Greg's gazelle is comprised of parts from an old bicycle forming the body, head and antlers.  Over this, he applied quick-setting concrete, and set the legs into a concrete base.  Once the concrete was cured, he painted its coat and adorable expression with acrylic.
Greg's cow and Jesus were created by painstakingly cutting, bending, and forming scrap sheet metal by hand with sheet metal sheers and pliers.  It is difficult to see in the picture, but Jesus' crown of thorns was constructed with barbed-wire fencing. 
Most of Greg's new totem sculptures are made of concrete.  He uses food containers as molds, and adds aesthetic material to enhance texture.  Each totem is comprised of as many as 50 or more concrete pieces, each having a hole in its center to slide over a steel pipe.  The pieces of the totem sculptures are arranged and stacked in an order to convey a certain pattern; patterns that occur in nature, music, and spiritual experiences.
While Greg's highest affinity is for oil on canvas, he has also painted with acrylic, as well as oil on masonite.